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Bloat Control

How often do I need to take Bloat Control?

Two capsules, taken once daily.

Is Bloat Control vegan, gluten-free and dairy free?

Yep, Bloat Control is free from added gluten, animal products including bee products (pollen, propolis or royal jelly), crustacea or fish products, dairy or milk products (incl. galactose and lactose) and egg products, nut products (incl. tree nuts,

Can I take Bloat Control with medication?

Whilst the ingredient used in Bloat Control have been used in traditional Western herbal medicine for many years, it’s best to speak with your health practitioner if you are taking medications prior to starting Bloat Control, or if you’ve been suffer

Can I take Bloat Control with other Ovira supplements?

Yep! Since each Ovira supplement focuses on a unique problem, Bloat Control can be taken with PMS Relief, Skin Clear and Curb Crave to support the different areas of your body.

Do I need to take Bloat Control with food?

Bloat Control can be consumed with or without food.

Can I take Bloat Control all month long?/Can I take Bloat Control long term?

Yes, Bloat Control is designed to be taken throughout the month, however if your symptoms or fluid retention persists we recommend you seek advice from your medical professional. We recommend you always review your supplementation plan on a regular b

Can I take Bloat Control while pregnant?

No, Bloat Control is not safe in pregnancy, there is insufficient safety data available for Wild Yam, Gentian and Chamomile, and notably Juniper is not safe due to its effects on implantation and uterine tone.

Can I take Bloat Control while breastfeeding?

Please check with your health practitioner before using Bloat Control if you’re breastfeeding.

Once I get the results I need, should I keep taking Bloat Control?

You can continue to take Bloat Control to maintain your results and prevent any future symptoms from arising again.

Can I double the dose of Bloat Control if I want to get faster results?

No. The directions for use provide the recommended dose, doubling the dose is not required nor recommended. Bloat Control has been formulated to ensure that you get the required amounts of each of the ingredients for therapeutic benefit, taking extra

How long does it take to see results when using bloat control

You may notice an immediate difference taking Bloat Control on your first day, and you will continue to see improvements with consistent use over the first 1-3 weeks.

How does the bloat control supplement work?

Great question! It is formulated with Juniper, wild yam and gentian to do the following: