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I can't feel any pulsesUpdated 3 months ago

We're sorry to hear you're having issues with your device! But, have no fear, the troubleshooting team are here!

Let's get to the bottom of this one step at a time...

  1. Connections: Are all leads and connections secure?
  2. Lights/Charging/Is it on? Is the white light on when you're using your device? If not, it's not switched on. Try holding down the power (centre) button down for 4 seconds until the light comes on. If it doesn't come on, it might need to charge up. You'll know the device is fully charged when the green light shows.
  3. Placement: Have you moved the Love Handle pads around? As there are different nerves around the abdomen and lower back that can be responsible for the pain you’re experiencing, we suggest moving the pads around a bit until you find the right spot for you.

  4. Intensity: Our device has 40 levels of intensity. Try increasing the intensity (one click at a time) by clicking the Up button around 5-6 times. You should begin to feel the start of some sensation by this point.
  5. Love Handle & Gel Application: When applying the Love Handles to your skin, make sure the plastic protector disc has been removed (the photo below shows the correct and incorrect way to apply the Stick Gels). Next, make sure both of the gel discs on the Love Handles have adhered to your skin. Your device is an electrical device, so it needs both discs to be 'connected' to you to work (aka for the electricity to flow).

If your gels are no longer sticky, it might be time to get some new ones. You can do this here.

If your device still isn't working, don't worry. Please email us at [email protected] and we'll be there to help you.

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