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Help! I lost my charger/cable/pads

Oh no! We hate it when that happens! Have you checked every drawer, pocket, handbag and space under your bed?. Still can't find it? Don't worry. You can purchase new cables, Love Handles, storage discs and chargers from our website at any time. Just

My device keeps turning off/doesn't hold charge

Oh no! 🥺. Let's try to fix this:. If your period pain relief device still isn't working, don't worry. You're covered under our 2-year warranty. Just email us at [email protected] and we'll organise a replacement for you.

One of my Love Handles is not working

Oh no! We're sorry to hear you're having trouble. Let's get to the bottom of this. 🕵🏾‍♀️

I can't feel any pulses

We're sorry to hear you're having issues with your device! But, have no fear, the troubleshooting team are here!. Let's get to the bottom of this one step at a time... If your gels are no longer sticky, it might be time to get some new ones. You can